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Rules of Shaving/ waxing before and After Getting a Spray Tan

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Summer is approaching, and with the heat rise, more skin show follows. Therefore, it becomes essential to understand the rules of shaving if you have a spray tan or planning to get a spray tan. When you visit UVtanning salons with automated spray tanning booth, you are looking for a great experience and want to get the best out of your spray tan. However, there might be something you are always wondering about. The dilemma of shaving around when you get a spray tan is pretty common for many people who get a spray tan or want to get it. You have to be prepared to get your spray tan and be ready with everything that needs to be taken care of, such as your other beauty treatments and beauty routines.

Ideally, one should be done shaving before 24 hours of getting a spray tan. This time can be reduced to 4hrs as the soonest. If your shave right before getting your spray tan, it may not turn out as you expect it to be. There is a major chance that the razors leave a film on the skin, making it harder to adhere the solution to your skin. Your spray tan may turn out streaky. Here are some spray tan tips mentioned to help you prepare for your sunless tan appointment at salons offering spray tans near me.

  • Get done with all your other beauty treatments and services such as waxing, nails, etc.
  • If you have to get waxed before a spray tan, wax 24 hours before your spray tan appointment at least. If polish stays on your skin, it makes it difficult to hold for the spray tan.
  • Ensure that you don’t have any makeup or lotions on your skin when you visit your place for an appointment.
  • It would help the tanning solution adhere to your skin and give your pores time to close back up for an even tone if you exfoliate in a shower minimum of 4hrs before your sunless tan. Ensure your shower ends with a cold rinse to prepare your skin.
  • Use an oil-free exfoliator made from organic ingredients and wear loosely filled and dark clothing to your spray tan appointment.

 You are probably wondering if it is okay to shave after getting spray tan. It is okay to shave after spray tan only if you are careful and do not strip your skin of the spray tan solution. Here are some tips mentioned for shaving after your spray tan.

  • An old razor can cut your skin and remove more of the tanning solution; therefore, use a fresh new razor to shave.
  • Shave after at least 8hrs of getting your spray tan.
  • Do not use traditional shaving cream; use an oil-free moisturizing body wash when shaving after spray tan. Several shaving creams available in the market contain heavy detergents and alcohol that can strip your tanning solution.
  • Ensure you shave lightly and not press too hard into your skin—light shaving results in less exfoliation.

After getting a spray tan, moisturize your skin in the morning and night. Avoid baths, long showers,  saunas, and steam rooms to preserve your tan. …